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Looking for advice for your project?

The Science and Marketing team is at your disposal.
Marketing strategy, SEO, Web and any of our services will grow your project.

Our Services

We make experiential campaigns in which customers get an additional benefit through the purchase.

This is possible thanks to the application of neuromarketing techniques, so that benefit is the experience and remembrance which will be the big difference from your competition. We are confident that these values will not pass unnoticed.

How do we do it in Science and Marketing?

We believe that in order to achieve success, we must join a series of disciplines that allow us to tackle projects that require greater detail and if they are tailored, the expected results will be reached.

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Social Media
  • Investigation
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We analyze the problem or opportunity, genaramos and detail possible solutions and choose the best and most viable proposal, it is a complex process that we made together with our client. This creative process involves conducting research, developing a concept and create the content required for the project.

Visual Structure

Visual Structure

Designing for the web is a discipline in which various elements from getting the site or campaign is very pleasing to the eye, to usability issues to get the user to the target in the simplest way possible are involved, to the efficient construction of each section using web standards such as JS, HTML5 and CSS3.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketing service specializing in two ways: The first involves the entire experience that the user lives before clicking, as is the design of the campaign, ad creation, positioning in search engines, social content generation , etc. While in the second aspect we focus on producing or optimizing a strong destination that is able to motivate the user to visit us to make what we offer.

Market Research

Market Research

We aim to review, analyze and disseminate the latest developments in the field of marketing by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. Specifically, we are interested in promoting the advancement of this discipline by integrating knowledge from neuroscience and the study of the user experience.