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Science and Marketing is an agency specialized in Marketing Research, Web accessibility and Digital communication, focused on studies of Neuromarketing.

Science and Marketing, is made up of professionals in Marketing, Design, Programming, Communication and experts in Neuromarketing. Currently, we work in team with agencies and research in neuroscience laboratories carrying out projects and experiments to provide tested optimum and effective results to our clients.

Creative process of a project

  • Brainstorming


    We seek to understand your business. From meetings of work and research, we will prepare a DOFA matrix where we will discover in detail advantages, competition, and especially your target customer: who it is, where to find them, type of sites they use. This information will allow us to make a sketch of various solutions and choose the more viable strategy to have a greater impact on your website, marketing or service you need according to your project.
  • Planning


    According to the analysis above and chosen strategy, we determine how it should be (concept, content, type of design, features, how to measure the results) and define tasks, resources, and time required to comply with expectations.
  • Creation


    Having defined the planning, it is the moment where the staff works to make a content and visual proposal that complies with expectations. We will review the proposal with the client who must approve it and then do a test with the public using techniques such as eyes-tracking, heat maps and others, to measure results and be able to make the necessary adjustments before its production and final implementation.
  • Production and Implementation

    Production and Implementation

    During this stage the creative concepts come to life. In the case of a site or web application, all the required functionality is programmed. As for a campaign, it is the time to produce different ads and landing pages. And if we are talking about a strategy on social networks, we need to produce content to be shared in order to attract new fans and properly interact with the existing ones.
  • Analytics


    Once the strategy is implemented, it is essential to measure the relevant aspects of the project: visits, time on site, records, sales, amount of sale, and shares of the published content, position in search engines and any objective or conversion that we have defined.
  • Improvements


    According to the collected data, we analyze what has been done to find areas of opportunity. If we talk about an e-commerce site, we want to improve the percentage of sales among many other variables and the amount of each order. In the case of a subscription or registration site, it is essential to verify how the registration and procurement process is flowing to improve the percentage of new clients. If we are talking about a campaign is time generate new ads and test new landing pages to improve performance.
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